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Work from anywhere

Escape the office: Work from wherever suits you. Traffic jams and child care are no longer a problem

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Flexible work hours

Staff have been shown to be more productive when they can vary their work times

Smiling employees
Employee retention

Employees are more likely to stay in a job when they can choose their work time and place

What has cloud computing got to offer me?

  • Create, access and edit your files from anywhere in the world
  • Collaborate with your team and collegues
  • One to one or group chats
  • One to one or group video conferencing
  • All files automatically saved and securely stored
  • Share, download, or email folders and files

What to expect from the dumbtutor

Either create your own using the guides, or allow the DUMBTUTOR to take care of everything for you, from domain registration to user accounts.

Female administrator sitting at a computer
Admin Guides

Teaching you how to set up and administer your company account

Group of happy users
User Guides

Showing you how to get the most out of the range of Drive apps

Man and woman discussing administration details
Account management

Have your entire company account set up and managed

Laptop, note pad and other objects to indicate web development
Web Development

Building bespoke responsive websites to look good on any device

Right tools for the job

All the file types that an office or business needs. including: Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and forms for surveys and customer feedback. Download, email, publish to the web, or share them with others.

Invite others to view, comment on, or help you edit any file you create.


Some of the features you'll find in Workspace for business

Besides all the above listed apps, here's a quick glance at some of the reasons why Workspace for business is so popular.

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Personalized company email such as tom@ame.com
Cogs arranged on a table top
Separate each department with organizational units
Team working around a table
Male teamwork more efficient with collaboration groups
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Reduce the cost and mauntenance of hardware

frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact the DUMBTUTOR if you have a query. In the meantime, here's a few of the most commonly asked questions.

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Can I still use Drive when offline?
You can edit files while offline and they will automatically update when the connection is restored
Does Workspace cost anything?
It's free for personal accounts. Business accounts start at £4.60 per user per month
Do I need a website?
No, but for business accounts you need to purchase a domain for around £10.00 per year or less
How much storage space do I get?
With the free version, you get 15Gb, but can buy more for a nominal free. Business plan storage starts at 30Gb for the Business Basic plan.
What is the maximum number of users allowed with the business plans?
All plans limit the number of users to 300
Can I have more than one free account?
There is no limit to the number of gmail, and therefore Drive, free accounts
Can I use the free account for my business
Yes: but you're email address will be suffixed with @gmail.com, instead of @mybiz.com. Which may not be regarded as very professional looking.
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