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Add-ons give us the freedom to get on with life, but what are they?

In a nutshell, add-ons eliminate repetitive or tedious tasks. They can be designed to work with your own data, or bring it in from an outside source and manipulate it to fit the purpose.

They can be kept for your own personal use, confined to an organisation, or published in Google marketplace for general use.

With features similar to Microsoft Office, sans the infamous Microsoft glitches and limitations, Google Drive and Workspace already has most of the features any IT department needs. But this is only the beginning.

Google allows users to create add-ons to extend file functionality, be it: documents, slides, spreadsheets or email. This task may be a little daunting for everyday users, and so is often left to developers.

Dumbtutor add-ons

The first Dumbtutor collection of addons focuses around images. Images are an integral part of document creation.