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Pixamagic: The smart way to add high quality images to your Google Docs

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    About Pixamagic
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    About Pixabay
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    How to use Pixamagic
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    Private add-ons
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    Questions and comments
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About Pixamagic

Having to leave the document you’re creating, to go off in search of high quality copyright free images, is not the way to live your life. It would be much easier if we were able to search for high quality images and have them displayed in the document sidebar.

Pixamagic is a free Google Workspace add-on that enables you to search Pixabay for images and add them to your documents without leaving the page, simply by clicking a button. However: it doesn’t end there.

Along with displaying your search results in the sidebar, Pixamagic also has some enhanced search features.

    Optional features

  • ORIENTATION: portrait, landscape, or mixed
  • IMAGE TYPE: photo, illustration, vector, or mixed
  • QUANTITY: 20, 30, 40, 50
Pixabay logo

About Pixabay

Pixabay is a website where people showcase their images.. They have over two million photos, illustrations and videos, all of which are free to use under the PIxabay license, a modified version of the creative commons (CCO) licence.

Owned by another great service provider, Canva, Pixabay are happy to allow developers to connect to their database of images using their api, providing they're not sold without modification.

How to use Pixamagic

Anyone who has the add-on installed will see the Pixamagic icon in the sidebar on the right. Clicking it will expand the sidebar. You may be asked to authorize access before you begin searching.

diagram showing how to set search criteria

After adding their search term, such as: cars, cakes, or horses, they can adjust the search settings, or use the default ones.

To ensure the best results, be specific with your search, for example: instead of typing “cats”, type “black cats”.

Image size and positioning

Each image has three size buttons beneath it. Clicking on them will add the image to your document. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear, otherwise it will be added to the top of the document.

diagram showing how to set search criteria

Error message

If you misspell your search, you may receive an error message explaining what the problem is and inviting you to try again. If you forget to add a search term, the add-on will return the default search, flowers.

Dragging and dropping your image

Once you’ve inserted the image into your document, clicking on the image and selecting one of the options shown below, will allow you to drag and drop the image around the document.

diagram showing how to initiate dragging and dropping of the image around the document

Private add-ons

Any businesses enquiring about having their own private add-on developed should use one of the contact methods here. Add-ons can also be created to use with other Google services, such as sheets, slides and Gmail.

They can be built for a single person or organization wide usage.

The contact zone

If you have any questions,comments or issues, or would like to suggest enhancements, please use one of the methods below.

About messaging

If you use email, or the contact form, and wish to discuss a particular add-on, please state which one.

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