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Who is the Dumbtutor?

Thank you for asking. Please allow me to fill you in on the details about the Dumbtutor.

The Dumbtutor in a nutshell

My name is David Glover, aka the Dumbtutor. I come from South Yorkshire in the UK.

Having previously been a teacher, I now work entirely online, providing services and guidance to offline businesses and new start-ups. My main areas of fucus are:

Creating and redisigning websites for offline businesses

Cloud computing for business.

Automating Google Workspace with adddons.

Marketing and branding.

The Dumbtutor is a pseudonym of mine. Me being David Glover, a 60 plus year old male from Yorkshire in the UK.

I began coding as a hobby in 2011, when things were very different, at least as far as web development is concerned. Needing something pass away the hours and not being a fan of the TV, I found learning HTML CSS, and JavaScript. challenging yet enjoyable.

During this time I was teaching high school: science and technology, marketing philosophy, and sustainable design based subjects. This is where I aquired the need to become a Google certified educator.

Along with demonstrating fluent use of Google Drive's speadsheets, documents, slides and drawings, I also had to show I manage what is now called Google workspace.

Back then the free version was called Google Apps For Education (GAFE). Even at the very beginning, it drastically improved my workflow.

Why dumbtutor.com?

Several years ago, while still teaching, I was browsing for a suitable domain name for a teaching related website. I bought the domain name but while continuing to pay the annual renewal fees, I only used it for testing purposes.

Now, with this website, I'm putting it to work. I doubt I would have found a domain name that related to what I offer, at least not one that is short and memorable.

While dumbtutor.com is not entirely teaching based, I do plan to offer a variety of guides and tutorials. Then again, if you've read my discussion about branding, you'll understand why I believe having an easy to remember name is important.

Where is the Dumbtutor?

I currently spend my time between South Yorkshire in the IK and Phitsanulok in Thailand, where I lived and worked for many years.

I hope I've ansered any questions you may heve had, but if not, please feel free to fire away using any of the methods on the contact page.