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Get ready to create your Workspace for business account

This guide is designed to show you the easiest way to put your business firmly into the cloud. I’m going to create a brand new account using Google’s 14 day free trial. You can follow along.

What do I need to create an account?

Top of the things for a workspace business account is a domain name. If you have a website, you already have a domain, if not, you can register a new one.

While there are many domain name providers. I’m going to register a new one through Google domains.

Registering a domain with Google negates the need to link your new account with your domain name provider. Which typically requires adding code to prove ownership and route your emails.

Here’s checklist of the requirements for a Workspace account

  • Name of the person to whom the account is going to be registered to. Ideally this should be the owner or long term trusted senior staff member
  • Credit or debit card. No payment will be taken until your free trial is over
  • *The domain name you plan to use, such as acme.com, this will form part of all your users’ email addresses: e.g. tom@acme.com
  • Mobile number to receive a confirmation code.
  • Recovery email address. This is can be changed later

*If you’re a new start-up or planning to rebrand, you may find the guide on company branding useful.

At this point we’ll only be adding the name of the person creating the account, but it may be useful to have the first and last names of up to 8 more people for the later guide about how to add users.

Even if you’re a sole trader and plan to keep the account open, it’s worthwhile knowing that you can add users now and delete them before the free trial ends.

For future reference, here’s the different pricing plans. I seldom find the need to go beyond the business basic as I find it more than adequate.

Business starter
£4.60 / $6.00 user/month

Custom email
100 participant video meetings
30GB cloud storage per user
Security and management controls

Business standard
£9.28 / $12.00 user/month

Custom email
150 participant video meetings
2TB cloud storage per user
Security and management controls

Business plus
£12.80 / $18.00 user/month

Custom email
250 participant video meetings
5TB cloud storage per user
Security and management controls

how to create a Workspace account with a new domain from google

Now we’re ready to register a domain and sign up for the free trial. Here’s where we begin. I’m going to opt for the Business basic which will then present the screen shown below

The start of the create a Workspace account asking for Businrss name, number of users, and region

I’ve already searched for a domain name and found that waxmeltpro.com is available. Which I then adapted to create my business name.

If it’s just a trial run, 2-9 users, to be honest, as whatever we select can be changed later, I don’t know why this is a feature. Even if I selected Just you, I could still add users later.

Don’t forget to select your region before clicking the blue Next button.

dialogue box for new Workspace account creators information

Add the name of the company owner or the person in charge of the account, head of the IT department for example. It’s important that you add a permanent email address

If you wish you can create a free personal Google account specifically for the job. Such as mycompany@gmail.com.

Purchase a domain from Google

Because I don’t have a domain and want to register one with Google, I’m going to click No I need one.

In the next tab we input the name of the domain we want to register. Google will then check to see if it's available.

I’ve already checked availability so I shouldn't have any problem.

Notifcation that the domain to be registered is available

The image above shows the domain is available and I can register it for £10.00. Clicking the Next next button leads me to a tab with input fields to add my business address.

If you run your business from home, your home address will do fine.

The fields for business detailsthat need to be filled in

Adding your login username and password

After accepting or declining a couple of options, you arrive at the page to input your username and password.

The username will be used to form your email address. You can use your first name, full name, or any variation. If you’re going to be the chief admin of the account, you could simply use admin

You can create more email addresses for yourself later, at no extra cost. So there’s no need to worry about this too much.

Once you input a username the complete address will show.I’ve use admin as my username, in this case my email will be admin@waxmeltpro.com

Dialogue box asking for details of who the user will sign in as

I would choose a password of at least eight characters long. Once completed check the I’m not a robot filed, followed by the Agree and continue button.

Accessing your admin console

The next window will provide the option to sign in to the Admin console. But hold on a while! This is not entirely correct. There’s a few more steps to go through, including adding a payment method.

dialogue box for signing into the Workspace admin area

Mobile phone verification

During the first login process, you’ll be prompted for your phone number to receive a confirmation code.

Popup asking a new user to verify themselves with a one time code

The code you receive on your mobile will contain G- followed by six numbers i.e. G-123456. Don’t include the G-. the input field will only accept six digits. Once you’ve done this, accept the terms and conditions.

Even if you signed up for the Business basic plan, You may notice Google has kindly enrolled you into the Business standard one. Don’t worry about this, we can easily change this later.

The options shown when asking a new user to review their plan

Add your payment details

The next window will allow you to confirm your business details and add a debit or credit card number.

wincow that appears when a Workspace account has been created

Once you’ve added a payment and clicked continue, where it says complete your domain purchase, but this is wrong, it will require you to login before opening up the admin console directly. So click Continue to admin console.

Continue in a new Chrome profile

In the top right of your admin you may be prompted to create a new Chrome profile. This is very useful for having multiple Google accounts open at the same time, each with its own browser.

You can do this now or later, as explained in the create multiple Chrome profiles guide. Clicking yes will open your console up in a new browser, and is slightly quicker than the other way.

Once your new browser opens, you’ll see the option to customise your new browser. This guide explains how to do it.

How to access the full range of Google apps

That’s the business account set up. I’ll cover the admin console in the next guide, but I’m not going to leave you without first showing you how to access your email account,

Clicking the nine dot icon in the right will give you direct access to the full range of apps.

For future reference: if you scroll towards the bottom of the app icons listing, you’ll see the Admin icon. This takes you to the admin panel but you’ll have to sign in first.

Note these app icons can be dragged and dropped to put your most popular nearer the top. For now, click the gmail icon. I’ll leave you to work your way through the various prompts until you eventually arrive at your inbox.

Next we’ll take a look inside the admin area, where we’ll see how to create separate areas for each department.

Next step

In the next guide we’ll be having a look at the admin panel, where, as well as creating organisational units and groups, I’ll explain how to upgrade, downgrade, and delete a Workspace account.